The Life Map and the Sustainable Life Indicators are provided to enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing information simply and sequentially about the things that really matter in life. THE LIFE MAP shows information simply and sequentially at national, county and community level (10km x 10km grid squares) to present awareness material for individuals, families and society.

The Life Map contains information about the SUSTAINABLE LIFE INDICATORS that are the things that really matter in life and does so in a manner that enables engagement, assessment of performance and the acknowledgement of improvement & success.

‘THE LIFE MAP’ and the ‘SUSTAINABLE LIFE INDICATORS’ are trademarks of the charity Redlist Revival and provide a unique combination for linking data throughout society whereby individual and collective actions become significant. They have been created for the benefit of the public.




Why register and what is involved?

Register to find the information for your interest whether at community, local, national or global level. The first information available is for birds at community, local and national level. Data is being reviewed to enable information to be provided for other components of the Life on Land Indicator and other Sustainable Life Indicators. Registration is free and allows you to assess your interest.



Information about the charity and the features that are in place to provide governance, financial management and scientific integrity.

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