What are the three most important things in your life?

Is this the first time you have been asked this?  How much influence do you have in protecting and enhancing these three things?

Virtually all the things mentioned by the people we’ve spoken with are addressed within The Life Map.

The Life Map builds fundamental knowledge about life and enables us to make a difference to the world in which we live, based on principles from the charity Redlist Revival* which was launched in 2013.

The charity reinforces the need for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment as the foundation for our lives. It highlights the impact of our activities on the natural environment and enables us to work together to make a real and lasting difference to the resources that sustain us.

*’The Life Map’ (TLM) and ‘Sustainable Life Indicator’ (SLI) are trade marks of the charity Redlist Revival ©2012-2019 Redlist Revival. All rights reserved.


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Land Map

Land and how it
is managed

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Redlist Revival

Building knowledge
about life

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Sustainable Life

Making a

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People Map

Population and how it
is distributed

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for today's generation - and tomorrow's

In the future we expect this to be interactive but, currently, we send pdfs of the material requested

The Life Map sets the framework to build knowledge by co-ordinating data and resources via three interdependent routes:

Land Map

that quantifies the different land uses

People Map

that shows population and how it is distributed

Sustainable Life Indicators

that enable people to make a difference through awareness, engagement, calibration and acknowledgement

Together these present a unique approach to linking data throughout society so that the Earth’s resources and the components of sustainable life can be protected and enhanced for today’s generations – and tomorrow’s.

The Life Map collaborates with specialist stakeholders and government, entering into formal agreements to ensure information is both publicly accessible and useful.


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