The Life Map

How it works

The Life Map frames information simply and sequentially at national, county and Community levels. Its clear format enables individuals, families and communities to build knowledge about the resources for which they are responsible, engage in the enhancement of those resources, measure the difference they have made, and be acknowledged for their success.

The Life Map creates the framework by allocating cities, towns and parishes to each of the 10km x 10km grid squares of the Ordnance Survey to create the Community level in The Life Map. This allocation is based on which 10km x 10km grid square contains the highest percentage of the area of the city, town or parish. Communities are similarly allocated within each county or Metropolitan District.

The Land Map, the People Map and the Sustainable Life Indicators use this format to make information accessible and useful.  This will build over time into a unique record of our collective progress and also where more still needs to be done.

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