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The Life On Land Indicator: Birds species, provides a guide to the ecological performance of each Community across the UK mainland. This guide is based on the presence of the 130 species within the All-species Bird Index and where they are recorded as possibly breeding in that Community.

Of the 130 species, the Community with the most species present had 106 species possibly breeding where either a species was observed in breeding season in suitable breeding habitat or where a singing male was recorded (or breeding calls heard) in breeding season in suitable breeding habitat.

The performance threshold for the top 1% is 94 or more possible breeding species present, the top 10% is 85 or more, the top 50% is 72 or more and those Communities with 71 or less species are below average.

There is also a guide for those registering an interest in Life on Land that shows the performance thresholds for each of the broad habitat types across the UK. The pages also show the percentage of the Communities within which the species are present.

The Life Map is produced by the charity Redlist Revival. The charity is most grateful and appreciative to the British Trust for Ornithology for the guidance and support in the creation of the Life On Land Maps For Bird Species as a component of The Life Map. The material is derived from the Bird Atlas 2007-11 project (organised by the BTO, Bird Watch Ireland and the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club). Redlist Revival is particularly grateful and appreciative to the many regional organisers, regional validators and volunteers who made the Bird Atlas 2007-11 possible.

Redlist Revival is also most grateful and appreciative of the support from the range of individuals and organisations that have contributed to the creation of this material.

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